Punarjanma: Aaryan & Sushmita gets hotter (with video)

Published On : 14 December, 2014 2:41 am

December 14th, 2014 I By TheCinemaTimes

Actor Aaryan Sigdel and actress Sushmita Shahi gets ‘piro‘ in the first new released song from the movie ‘Punarjanma‘. Basanta Sapkota composed song has been sang by Milan Amatya and Pralad Timalsina whereas the song has been written by Rajendra Thapa.

Sajan Shrestha directed cinema also features Keki Adhikari and Gajit Bista. Mohan Krishna Shrestha and Bhadra Bahadur Shahi produced cinema’s song has been choreographed by Kabiraj Gahatraj.

Watch the video:

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