Suleman Shanker: Iku announced his new film ‘LALI’

Sunny Pradhan  @sunnymovies

Suleman Shankar more known as ‘Iku‘ announced his third new film at a press meet organized at Durbar Banquet. Iku is well know for his comedy look – jungle man.

Suleman’s third venture has been titled “Lali” which was announced at the presence of Ministry of Communication Dr. Minendra Rijal. Suleman Shankar had gained more popularity after his two cinemas : ‘Iku’ and ‘Iku back again’.

The suspense thriller cinema will be directed by Reet Singh. Suleman and Nikhil Upreti featured cinema will start their shoot from January.

At the event, Dr. Minendra Rijal and the movie team members also distributed blankets to the old women from Aama Ghar, an old age home.

Ministry of Communication Dr. Minendra Rijal distributing blankets to Aama Ghar, old age women


Nepali cinema Lali press meet. Suleman Shanker

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