Jiwan Luitel: Heads off to America to become stress free

Published On : 24 December, 2014 5:49 pm

The Cinema Times

Actor Jiwan Luitel was one of the busy actor in Nepali film Industry. His new films were lined up for release even though no films could perform good business.

Therefore, in order to get free of stress Luitel heads off to America. He will also be attending a show for the movie ‘Thooli‘ at the States. The cinema ‘Thooli’ which was unable to perform good in the home country will be organizing the show for the second time at the presence of Jiwan Luitel.

Jiwan Luitel will then head towards Canada for the special show of the movie ‘Stuipd Maan‘. Both the films gained negative ranking in Nepal. As most of the film acted by Luitel could not do good, he has not been offered more films which resulted in having more free time. This may be the reason for him to go abroad.

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