HIMAWARI: Japanese film translated in Nepali language (with trailer)

Published On : 11 January, 2015 1:33 am

Sunny Pradhan  @sunnymovies

A Japanese movie titled ‘Himawari‘, Japanese language -“ひまわり~沖縄は忘れない、あの日の空を~” has been translated in Nepali language. The movie has been titled  ‘Suryamukhi Phool‘ in Nepali language.



Nepali teenagers’ prefer studying in Japan for their further studies. The youths from two countries exchange their culture. Therefore, the main reason for translating Japanese movie and showing it in Japan and Nepal is due to the misunderstanding about the culture between two countries. The movie revolves around the story after the world war between America and Japan.


Yoshihiro Oikawa directed cinema has been written by Sadatoshi OhshiroKota Yamada and Yoshiko GinozaKyozo NagatsukaKenta SugaRena Nounen and Saki Fukuda featured cinema will be released from 26th January. 110 minute long film has been produced by Hatsue Motomura, Katsumasa Morita, and Sozaburo Katsura.

‘The movie will first be released in Japan with Nepali subtitles by Asia Friendship Association’, said Anoj Shakya, the president for Asia Friendship Association with thecinematimes.com. Shakya who has been staying in Japan from 25 years translated the movie. Asia Friendship Association is a culture exchange organization.

The distributer for Nepal has net been fixed yet. ‘Suryamukhi Phool’ will also be premiered at other countries where Nepali people reside. ‘Suryamukhi Phool’ will be the first Japanese film to be released in Nepal with Nepali subtitle.


Synopsis of the movie:

A U.S. helicopter crashes and explodes onto a classroom in Okinawa International University. Because of the incident, Ryota Yamashiro (Kyozo Nagatsuka) thinks back to the blue sky of Okinawa 52 years ago.

Ryota is in the 6th grade of Miyamori Elementary School. He plays with his friends Shigeru, Yutaka and other classmates. Hiroko Miyagi is transferred to his class, which makes Ryota happy. Under the blue sky in Okinawa, residents live peacefully.

Then on June 30, 1959, a U.S. jet fighter becomes engulfed in flames and crashes into a residential area where Ryota’s elementary school is situated. The screaming children flee from the scene. Ryota tries to help Hiroko, but Hiroko is already dead.

Now in 2012, Ryota, who is now a widower, lives in his daughter’s home. His grandchild Ryuichi (Kenta Suga) is a university student. Ryuichi begins a report on the 1959 fallen U.S. jet fighter incident with his colleagues. The bereaved families in the Miyamori area of Okinawa still suffer. Ryuichi decides to hold a peace and sky concert, but problems occur for Ryuichi .

Watch the trailer: 

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