Hostel Returns: Live trailer performance at CAAN infotech

Published On : 29 January, 2015 2:51 am

The Cinema Times

Nepali cinema ‘Hostel Returns‘ adopts a new style for their movie promotion. The team once again geared up for their live trailer performance at Nepal CAAN infotech, Bhrikuti Mandap which kicked off from Wednesday.

Hostel Returns Nepali cinema 1-

Hostel Returns Nepali cinema 2-

The cinema collaborated with Quick Heal antivirus company for their movie promotions at the fair. ‘Hostel Returns’ will be promoting at the fair till it ends. Producer Sunil Rawal, actors Sushil Shrestha, Avay Baral, Swostima Khadka and Shashi Shrestha were present at the fair which will last for six days.

The third project for Durgish Films, ‘HOSTEL RETURNS’ is all set to hit screens from 9th of May 2015. Mark you dates!!!

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