Journalist Aryal towards producing cinema

Published On : 2 February, 2015 2:25 pm

The Cinema Times

Media person Shyam Aryal will now be producing movie. Previously, he has already acted in cinemas like ‘Yug dekhi yug samma‘, ‘I am sorry‘ and ‘Producer‘. Aryal will be producing cinemas under Mizzle Pictures Production.

Anup Giri will direct his new film where Aryal will be the presenter and Ratan Thapa will be the producer. Shyam, who has already been featured in other cinemas will not be seen in his own movie. Mizzle pictures will also distribute cinemas in Gulf countries. ‘Kohinoor‘, ‘Studip Maan‘ and ‘November Rain‘ will first be premiered in those countries. Late Shree Krishna Shrestha featured cinema ‘Kohinoor’ will be premiered in Dubai on 13th of February. The cinema will have Arabian subtitle.

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