Guinness World Records: Man Behind the camera (with video)

Published On : 22 February, 2015 3:23 am

The Cinema Times,

Saugat Bista Gunniess World Records NepalThe movie world will gather today for the world’s oldest entertainment awards ceremony – OSCARS. From the year’s best picture to the shortest professional stuntman have been discussed for the OSCARS where recently declared youngest director of the world Saugat Bista got space on their talking list.

Guinness World Records gives fair share for the amazingly talented youngsters who have made their name in front of the camera. The GWR also writes about the person behind the camera, SAUGAT BISTA. He was just 7 years and 340 days old when he sat on the director’s chair to direct Nepali feature film ‘Love You Baba‘ which was released in 12th December 2014.

It’s also been said that Saugat will be directing an action film next year. Everyone feels good to see Nepal and Nepali people on the top list. Not only Nepal, the whole world got amazed with Saugat’s achievement.

Saugat Bista



Watch the video:

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