Start filming where you are right now: Govinda Siwakoti (Interview)

Published On : 17 March, 2015 2:26 pm

The Cinema Times,

Mr. Govinda Siwakoti is the co-founder of Onion films. He is in-house video/film director, cinematographer and tutor of film making workshops. Siwakoti is currently doing his masters in Media Studies. His short films are nationally and internationally recognized.

Onion films is conducting the 3rd batch of Young Cuts Accountability Film school. Lets explore how short movies are making people and stake holders more accountable. A short interview with the co-founder on Young Cuts Accountability Film School by Narayan Pradhan.

Q.  How do you define the young cuts accountability film school?

– It’s basically platform for the young and aspiring film-maker who want to tell stories through the visual media. The main objective of workshop is to engage young people to uncover the stories basically highlighting the accountability issue and through those movies we want to make people and power holders more accountable.

Q. How Onion Films is changing the perceptions of young amateur film-makers?

– Among other objective one major objective of OF (Onion films) is create massive young visual literate people who will be basically able to communicate or tell the stories using visual media. So we are basically providing training, mentoring, networks and small funds where lots of aspiring young people can come to this field.

Q. Will participation take further steps regarding accountable issues?

– After learning the fundamentals skills, developing the networks, participants will keep on forward making different visual outlets (documentaries, short films, social experimental videos or any kind of videos) and raise the issues, questions of our society, people, culture, good governance. Moreover we also come with different follow-up programs to keep on engaging participants such as fellowship . We also help them finding different opportunities and mentor them in different process of film-making.

Q. What are the challenges of the Young Cuts Accountability Film School?

– We want to take Young cuts accountability film-school outside Kathmandu valley as we believe that their are lots of local stories outside Kathmandu. So in this process of creating lots of visual literate young mass networks, the major challenges will be the perception of people on the visual media where it is still very hard to make visual story.

Q. How do you see the future and establishment of  short movies that the young film-makers are making?

– Short movies are the visiting card for the film-maker who want to introduce him/herself to in the field for visual media. Short movies has always been great platform to promote the local story, culture and emotions. So in this regard short movies will always be great tool to be used.

Q.  As an independent filmmaker, do you think such film-making workshop is necessary for the aspiring film-makers and why?

– Definitely, this kind of workshop will helps to enhance the skills and build networks. These kind of workshop will always be the first step of the whole process but film making always comes for the observation and experiences that we face in our lives.

Q.  What would be your suggestion for the aspiring young film-makers?

– There is no any particular suggestion. If you really want to make film and be a filmmaker, then just start filming where you are right now.



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