Priyanka Karki’s photo shoot against women violence and abuse

Published On : 18 March, 2015 4:37 am

Sunny Pradhan  @sunnymovies 

Actress Priyanka Karki gets her photo shoot done against women violence and abuse. Her style of raising voice against the ACID attacker and rapists is getting more attention.

Karki’s photo shoot is for the cover page of TNM ( The Nepali Man) magazine’s next issue. Her face has been painted with slogans against the regular rape cases, women’s suppressed voice and ACID attacks.

Priyanka Karki #TNMsaysNO -

Priyanka Karki against women violence and abouse-

She posted a photo on her Facebook writing, ‘Its been said that men and women are equal. But where’s the equality? A girl, whether old or young has no securities. When will the rape case and attacks end?’

What are you waiting for? Lets join hands to end violence and abuse against women.


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