‘Bhool Bhulaiyaa’ premiere show at the capital

Published On : 24 March, 2015 7:22 am

The Cinema Times,

Nepali cinema BHOOL BHULAIYAA has organized a premiere show at the capital. Lead actress of the film Neeta Dhungana, actor Sohit Manandhar and director Yogesh Ghimire were the main attraction at the show.

Nepali cinema Bhool Bhulaiya premiere- thecinematimes.com Nepali cinema Bhool Bhulaiya premiere-3 thecinematimes.com

Neeta’s boyfriend actor Amesh Bhandari along with his whole family attended the show. Amesh is debuting from the movie ‘Foollai Fool ko Mausam Timilai’. He responded the movie to be a good one.

Team members from the movie unit along with media persons and filmmakers attended the show. Another lead actor Jiwan Luitel could not make it to the show as he is in the States applying for his green card.

The cinema is all set to release from this coming Friday (27th of March).

Nepali cinema Bhool Bhulaiya premiere-4 thecinematimes.com

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