Malvika Subba enters in ‘Nai Navannu La 3’

Published On : 27 March, 2015 4:12 am

The Cinema Times,

Former miss Nepal Malvika Subba was seen at the Red Studio Maharajgunj on Thursday. She was there for her voice dubbing of the upcoming Nepali movie ‘Nai Navannu La 3’.

According to producer Bikash Acharya, Malvika’s voice was perfect for the narration and therefore she was approached. Malvika also stated that the film has become a good one.

The cinema which is all set to hit screens from 10th of April features Aaryan SigdelPriyanka Karki, Suraj Singh Thakuri, Samyam Puri Ashma Dc, Sanchita Luitel and Anuvab Regmi in the lead roles.

Muskan Dhakal directed cinema has been written and produced by Bikash Acharya under One Time Cinema Pvt.Ltd.

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