Photostory: ‘Chankhe Shankhe Pankhe’ ends their shoot after multicopter’s shot

Published On : 29 March, 2015 5:35 am

The Cinema Times,

Director Sudershan Thapa, a well known film maker has used multicopter in a very exciting way for the movie CHANKHE SHANKHEY PANKHE which is all set to release from 15th of May.

The multicopter shot will be used just for 20 seconds in the movie, which took the whole day to get the final shot. Director Thapa stated, ‘We did not compromise for anything in the movie’.

Nepali movie shoot with Fantom-3 Nepali movie shoot with Fantom-4

After the multicopter shot, the film packed up their shoot and will start their official promotions from this coming week. Producer Santosh Sen  mentioned that 30 lakhs budget has been estimated for the film promotions. He added, ‘the promotions will be done in Bollywood’s format’.

Nepali movie shoot with Fantom-5 Nepali movie shoot with Fantom-6

The multicopter was built in Nepal itself which will be operated by two engineers. The use of multicopters will one day replace jonnyjib but Nepal does not have enough technicians to use the equipment.

Nepali movie shoot with Fantom-1 Nepali movie shoot with Fantom-



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