Kim Kardashian’s bold photo shoot for ‘ELLE’ France magazine

Published On : 31 March, 2015 2:06 pm

The Cinema Times,

Kim Kardashian, 34 had her photo shoot done for ‘ELLE’ France magazine. Her hair and makeup has been given more importance for the photo shoot. Looks like she dyed her hair platinum for this particular shoot.

The hot, bold and gorgeous mother’s cover photo will be seen in the April edition of ‘Elle France’ magazine. Kim had also posted some photos on her Instagram account.

Kim-Kardashian-Elle-France-Cover-16 Kim-Kardashian-Elle-France-Cover-14 Kim-Kardashian-Elle-France-Cover-13 Kim-Kardashian-Elle-France-Cover-12


Kim-Kardashian-Elle-France-Cover-11 Kim-Kardashian-Elle-France-Cover-9 Kim-Kardashian-Elle-France-Cover-8 Kim-Kardashian-Elle-France-Cover-7Kim-Kardashian-Elle-France-Cover-6 Kim-Kardashian-Elle-France-Cover-5 Kim-Kardashian-Elle-France-Cover-4 Kim-Kardashian-Elle-France-Cover-3 Kim-Kardashian-Elle-France-Cover-1



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