Support Shikshya Foundation Nepal wearing Prabal Gurung’s Hollywood designs

Published On : 8 April, 2015 6:07 am

The Cinema Times,

Prabal Gurung, a renowned Hollywood Fashion designer announced the profit of his designs to go towards Shikshya Foundation Nepal.

He tweeted, ‘Support Shikshya Foundation Nepal. Working towards a Nepal that is equitable, secular, accountable, thinking, questioning, progressive and prosperous. Our 100% cashmere cape hand loomed in Nepal. Percentage of the profit goes to the foundation.’

Hollywood fashion designer Prabal Gurung's tweet

The profit from the sales will be used for the development of the foundation.

Check out some of his designs: (Image source: Twitter)

Prabal Gurung Hollywood designs Prabal Gurung Hollywood designs Prabal Gurung's Hollywood designs

Prabal Gurung's  Hollywood designs

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