Young Cuts the accountability film school commenced its Biratnagar chapter

Published On : 22 May, 2015 4:58 am

Narayan Pradhan for TCT,

Young Cuts! the accountability film-school-  the cinema times

Onion Films has commenced its new batch for Young Cuts! the accountability film-school, first kind of film workshop for young people in Biratnagar. This workshop is being held in collaboration with Birat College and Bikalpa with support from Accountability Lab.

In this 4th batch of film-school, the team focuses to capture local stories on the different issues of accountability from Biratnagar where they believe that produced films will help in making citizens and power-holders more accountable.

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After the workshop, students will be able to know the meaning and importance of accountability, raising accountability issues through visual media, conceptualization, story selection, planning, camera technique, script writing and editing short films. The team will be emphasizing on “hands-on” approach.

Young Cuts! the accountability film-school- the cinema times

‘By the end of the workshop, participants will produce four short-films on four best stories selected from the participants’ ideas’, said Govinda Siwakoti in the first day of the program.

The final film-making project is scheduled from 24th May to 1st June, 2015.

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