Raj Kumar Rai gets appointed as the new chairman for Film Development Board

Published On : 5 June, 2015 4:17 pm

The Cinema Times,

Rajkumar Rai has finally been appointed as the new chairman for Film Development Board. He will be serving as the board’s chairman for two years.

Film Development Board was without chairman for about 4 months after Dharmendra Morwaita ‘Papu’ had completed his two years of chairmanship and left the board. Therefore, Rai will now be serving as the chairman of the board which is the top most post in cinema industry.

Rajkumar Rai was very close to communication minister Dr. Minendra Rijal which some how helped him get the top post. Rai quoted that he will be working only for the benefit of Nepali cinema industry. He further added that, if any work will benefit the cinema industry, then he will work on it without any delay.

Newly appointed chairman Raj Kumar Rai was currently serving as the chairman at Film Producers’ Association. He will fully start working at the board from Monday.

The Cinema Times would like to wish him all the best for his new leadership at the Film Development Board.

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