Watch: ‘The Curious Case of Mr. Bhim Thapa’ trailer

Published On : 13 June, 2015 1:52 am

Narayan Pradhan for The Cinema Times,

An independent documentary filmmaker Bhakta  Chand  & Gopal Siwakoti has released their poster and trailer of their upcoming documentary “The Curious Case of Mr. Bhim Thapa” for the international release and several film festivals.

The Curious Case Of Mr. Bhim Thapa Trailer- The Curious Case Of Mr. Bhim Thapa Trailer -


The HD version of this documentary is ready to compete in international film festivals. The documentary team are all set for their first release in Israel. Sooner it will be competing in national level film competitions with its release, stated director Bhakta Chand in its official first look launch event.The Curious Case Of Mr. Bhim Thapa Trailer- thecinematimes.comDocumentary synopsis

The Curious Case of Mr. Bhim Thapa  is a documentary that centers on a man, myth and his legacy and works both as a biopic and as a  timelessly  relevant piece of social commentary. Mr. Bhim Thapa has dedicated his life on the idea that people needed to be awaken to bring changes in their lives. He held this idea for a lifetime, painting & inscribing word “khoja” on the pavement, walls, and stones all over Nepal. Now, 96, old and fragile, he is still traveling and writing. It is believed that he has written/inscribed “Khoja” over 8 million times.

Watch the trailer:


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