Dubai to witness and celebrate TEEJ festival along with Nepali celebrities

Published On : 13 August, 2015 5:03 pm

The Cinema Times,

Nepali people will soon be witnessing and celebrating another important festival TEEJ which is celebrated by the Hindu Nepali women all over Nepal. So this time, as for the occasion of ‘teej’, this festival will be also be celebrated in 3 different states of Dubai.

Teej program at Dubai-

This festival will be celebrated with high spirits in Dubai among the Nepali community which will be accompanied by different artists from Nepal. Actress Rekha Thapa, actor Shyam Aryal, Kishor Bhandari, Reshma Timalsina, Pashuram Rijal and other artists will attend and perform at the event.

The program has been organized by Ratan Thapa with the coordination of Dev B.k. and other people. Ratan Thapa has already built 15 temporary shelters for the earthquake victims in Nepal. The program scheduled to be held on September 4th and 11th has been co-organized by Mizzle productions.


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