Primary school built by director Akash’s NGO handed over to the local villagers

Published On : 16 August, 2015 8:46 am

The Cinema Times,

Relief and rebuilding work still continues after the massive earthquake. Individuals or non-profitable organizations have been building temporary shelters or schools at different quake affected areas. Director Akash Adhikari‘s NGO ‘Flame of Hope Nepal‘ has done similar kind of thing.

director akash adhikari relief work  - director akash adhikari relief work -

The NGO has built a primary school at a remote village in Nepal. The school has also been handed over to the concerned representative mr. Lal Bahadur Ghiming by communication minister Dr. Minendra Rijal. The program was held on Saturday where director Akash also handed the sample picture to minister Rijal.

Director Akash and his NGO’s work was highly praised by everyone. Minister Rijal also praised his work saying, ‘Nepal Government only cannot do everything, but needs everyone’s help’. Akash was able to build the school through the help of his family and friends.

‘Flame of Hope Nepal’ will again build twenty primary schools in a remote village at Rasuwa just after the monsoon gets over.

director akash adhikari relief work- director akash adhikari relief work-

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