OMG! Parineeti Chopra spends 4 million for lunch and 1 million for 2 shirts

Published On : 11 September, 2015 2:44 am

The Cinema Times,

The Bollywood stars are always into buying luxury and very expensive stuffs. They have their expensive wardrobe, cars and branded stuffs.

Recently the pretty actress Parineeti Chopra has been spotted shopping in Indonesia’s capital, Jakarta. And keep your finger crossed, the gorgeous actress bought a massive amount of 1 million for just 2 shirts. She also spent 4 million on lunch. Isn’t she crazy?

She also shared a picture on her Instagram writing, ‘I paid 1 million for 2 shitrs!!!! #CrazyCurrency #Jakarta’.

Parineeti Chopra Bollywood actress shopping in Jakatra for millions of rupees

She even took her twitter handle to tweet, ‘Haha I love how everybody got their calculators out! 1 million for shirts, 4 million for lunch, the craziness goes on!! #KaunBanegaCrorepati

Bollywood actress Parineeti Chopra shopping in Jakatra for millions of rupees

Her crazy shopping pictures soon went viral on social media and became the talk of the town. Not forgetting, one million Indonesian rupees is equal to 4,700 Indian rupees. So thats not big for her!!





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