Salman Khan has a special message for birthday boy Shah Rukh Khan

Published On : 2 November, 2015 4:22 am

The Cinema Times,

The handsome hunk superstar Shah Rukh Khan celebrates his 50th birthday today i.e. November 2nd. The star who has massive fan following and has won many hearts will surely be celebrating his birthday in an amazing way.

It is sure that the whole Bollywood town will be wishing him on his 50th birthday. So here is one special birthday message from another superstar Salman Khan.

According to Business Of Cinema, Salman Khan wished SRK saying, ‘I will wish him the best in his life, will wish him best of health, family success and most amazing life, for his whole family to be healthy and to children to take his name forward, beyond what Shah Rukh Khan did.’

SRK bdayThat is surely an amazing birthday wish one can get. Meanwhile, the fans of SRK has already gathered outside his house to wishing him birthday.

We wish the superstar Shah Rukh Khan a  very 50th Happy Birthday!!




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