Dinesh DC turns producer

Published On : 9 September, 2014 11:37 am

After 21 yrs of directing and acting, Dinesh D.C. has launched his home production “The Dinesh D.C. Production”

The movie “Phool lai phool ko mausam timilai” is the dream project of Dinesh D.C. where he, himself is going to direct and produce in his home production.

The opening ceremony of movie “Phool lai phool ko mausam timilai” was held on Monday at Citymax, Bagbazar.

The member of constitution assembly, Mr. Tok Bdr. Raimajhi and Mr. Gokarna Bista, and the M.D. of Chaudhary group, Mr. Nirman Chaudhary inaugurated the opening ceremony and congratulated Mr.Dinesh D.C.

Phool lai phool ko mausam timilai

Phool lai phool ko mausam timilai

Phool lai phool ko mausam timilai

Phool lai phool ko mausam timilai

Actor Nita Dungana and and actor Mr. Aavesh Bhandari will be seen in this movie. Actor Mr. Aavesh Bhandari is a new comer in filmy industry. According to D.C., Karisma Manandhar, Nir Shah and other famous celebrities will also be seen in his dream project.

The film is based on love story and fantasy with the investment of 82 lakhs.

Dinesh D.C. said, “This is my dream project which took 21 years to complete where I have invested my each and every sweat and money.”

Music composer for this movie is Mr. Suresh Adhikari, cinematography by Pursotam Pradhan, screenplay by Jagdishwor Thapa, background score by Alish Karki and choreography by Ramji Lamichane and Naresh Bir.

Shootings will start from Ashoj 1st, 2071 and the targeted release date is Baisakh 1st, 2072 B.S.

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