New dates fixed for the Nefta awards at Hongkong

Published On : 21 September, 2014 8:53 am

SEPTEMBER 21, 2014 I by TCT reporter

New dates has been fixed for the NEFTA award which is going to be held in Hongkong. Organizer and producer Sunil Kumar Thapa is back in Nepal after fixing the final dates for the award.

The award will be held at 3rd of Kartik according to Thapa. Previously the award ceremony was postponed for two days. Thapa said, “I have returned after fixing the dates”.

The program will be held a day before the festival “Kag Tihar“. Sk films and three other NRN companies are the organizers for the award program. The award has been sponsored by Riddi Shiddi Jewelers.

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