Kohinoor celebrates 51st release day – Director awarded with Rs. 500k

Published On : 29 September, 2014 9:12 am

SEPTEMBER 29, 2014 I by TCT reporter

Late actor Shree Krishna Shrestha's mother
Mithila Sharma
Kohinoor 51 days celebration

Cinema Kohinoor celebrated its 51 days of release. On a program held on Saturday in Indreni Complex, team Kohinoor exchanged happiness respecting Actor Shree Krishna Shrestha.
In program Minister of Communication and Information Minendra Rijal said Kohinoor have transferred the sorrow of Shrestha demise to their strength. He stressed on not making any issues on actors division which the media has highlighted on.
He said, “Not only me, but even most of the cine worker been affected by this news.” He even said media should not be publishing such rumored news. He informed on providing Government identity card but no division will be made.
Distributor Sunil Manandhar provided cheque of 5 lakh to Director Aakash Adhikari. “For his tremendous job in the movie the amount has been provided”, said Manandhar. He even announced if any cross this amount of award, Manandhar will add 5 lakh again to the concerned people.
On that occasion director, producer, actor, technician, media people were awarded with khada. Late son and even actor ShreeKrishna award was provided to his mother.
It was announced that till 51 days, total gross amount earned by Kohinoor crossed 11 crore.

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