INFA award nominations I ‘Jholay’ withdraws entry

Published On : 16 October, 2014 9:25 am

By Nisha Kiran Rai for The Cinema Times on Thursday

INFA awards nominations

INFA awards nominations

INFA awards nominations

INFA awards nomination has been announced. “Nai navanu la 2” has been nominated for 12 different categories. The nominations were done in 20 different categories at the program organized at Hyatt Regency Hotel.

“Nai navanu la 2”, ”Mokchya”, “ Hostel”,”Mahasush” and “Cha ekan Cha” has been nominated for the best movie. Bikash Acharya (Nai navanu la 2), Dinesh D.C. (Cha ekan cha), Nabal Nepal (mahasush), Sabir Shrestha (Kali) and Suraj Subba Nalbo (Biteyka Pal) are the nominees for the best director.

Anuvab Regmi (Nai navanu la 2), Aryan Sigdel (mahasush), Saugat Malla (Fitkiri), Yash Kumar (Bir) and Kishwor Khatiwada (dhuwani) are nominated for the” Best Actor” category.

Best actress nominations were Namrata Shrestha (Maun) Rekha Thapa (Kali) Priyanka Karki (Jholey), Nita Dhugana (Cha ekan cha) and Keki Adhikari (Mahasush).

The programe will be enagurated by the communication minister Mr. Dr. Minendra Rijal. He added that award functions play a very important role in uplifting Nepali cinema.

Gopi Krishna movies former chief Mr. Udhav Paudel will be awarded with a prize of 5-lakh and lifetime achievement award. The program will be organized at Hongkong on October 26th.


 JHOLAY withdaw from nomination

Cinema “Jholay” withdraws their entry from the nominations. The movie was not informed about their entry for the nominations which was the main reason for the withdrawal.

Producer Teken Khadka and director Dipendra K. Khanal published a press release. They have mentioned to withdraw the movie from the nominations or else will start the legal procedure for the same.


Jholay press release

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