Nai Navannu La in its 3rd part

Published On : 20 October, 2014 11:58 am

By Nisha Kiran Rai for The Cinema Times on Monday

Cinema ‘Nai Navannu la 2’ made good business in Nepali cinema industry. So then, “Nai navanu la 3” has also started shooting the movie at different places of Kathmandu.

The director of successful movie ‘Nai Navannu la’ and ‘Nai Navannu la 2Bikash Acharya won’t be directing ‘Nai Navannu la 3’ since he is observing his father’s funeral ceremony. Therefore he has handed over the task to his assistant director Muskan Dhakal. Director Bikash Acharya is impressed with the work of Muskan Dhakal and also mentioned that Dhakal had directed much better than he had imagined.
According to director Acharya, the movie is different in comparison to other two movies. Previously the movie had a lot of crying scenes but this time the movie is a mixture of both happiness and sorrow. The movie will be releasing on Poush 27.

Priyanka karki and Aaryan Sigdel at Nai Na Vannu la 3

Priyanka karki and Aaryan Sigdel at Nai Na Vannu la 3

Priyanka karki at Nai Na Vannu la 3

Priyanka karki and Aaryan Sigdel at Nai Na Vannu la 3

Aryan Sigdel has made his new entry in the third part of “Nai Navannu la”. Aryan has postponed his leg surgery date for the movie. Aryan didn’t want to miss the chance to play with the established brand “Nai Navannu la”. Aryan will have his leg surgery after Tihar followed by a complete bed rest of 6 months.

Priyanka Karki who made the audiences cry a lot in the last movie ‘Nai Navannu la 2’ will be making the audience laugh this time. She described that in comparison to last movie, this time she will be playing the role of dancer who has been struggling to save the culture. According to film protagonist Priyanka, the movie is full package of entertainment.

Both Priyanka and Aryan are busy shooting the movie. Both of them are hopeful with the movie. The cinema ‘Nai Navannu la 3’ is much hopeful for the music to be appreciated by the audiences as it was appreciated in ‘Nai Navannu la 2’.

Priyanka and Aryan have already played together in the movie “Kollywood” and “Mala”. The movie features Suraj Singh Thakuri, Anuvab Regmi, Sangita Luitel, Garima Panta, Sayam Puri and Ashma D.C.

Basanta Sapkota has given the music in the movie.

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