Jharna’s daughter announced ‘Ye Mero Hajur 2’

Published On : 22 October, 2014 8:58 am

By Sunny Pradhan for The Cinema Times on Wednesday

Previously successful movie “Ye Mero Hajur‘s” next part will be produced. SK Thapa production announced the production of their next movie at NEFTA awards organized at Hong Kong on Monday.

Jharna Thapa and Sunil Kumar Thapa‘s daughter Suhana announced the production of their next movie. Suhana was presented for the first time in front of the media.

Anmol KC and Swotantra Pratap Shah will be featured in the movie which will be directed by Jharna herself. The name of the actress has not been announced yet. The movie will start their shooting after Tihar which was officially announced at the ceremony.

Jharna Thapa and Shree Krishna Shrestha starred movie “Ye Mero Hajur” had done good business in the box office.

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