Identity Vs cinema : Anjali Lama

Identity Vs cinema : Anjali Lama

द सिनेमा टाइम्स

Q. How do you define your identity as Anjali Lama?
A. Anjali lama is a first transgender model of Nepal.

Q. Journey from Nabin Waiba to Anjali Lama?
A. When I was Nabin Waiba I always had this keenness of who I actual was. I was unaware of my true identity. But slowly as I changed into Anjali Lama I recognized myself as a transgender. Although it made me lose my family and all mine kinship but yet this journey so far has been interesting as well. I am very happy to be the first transgender model of Nepal.

Q. What do you miss about Nabin Waiba?
A. The thing that I miss the most is my family, all relatives and close friends. Especially during festivals I celebrate remembering the fun I used to have with them. No matter where I am, what I have achieved so far, if there is no family support nothing actually matters. Although I am happy living with my identity, but somewhere I miss being Nabin, because atleast it made me closer with my people.

Q. What are your expectations from your upcoming short film?
A. I hope after watching this documentary people learn to accept us the way we are. We want to have the same level as male n female holds in the society. We want to have equal rights and opportunities. It’s very hard to find a job or let’s say we only get one in blue diamond society. I too didn’t earn a name easily in modeling. Sadly, I still haven’t got the job that I desire for.

Q. Will you continue working in cinemas if given an offer?
A. I don’t have much of interest in acting. I played this only because it was a medium to aware people about transgender. For some it may also act as an inspiration. I have a dream to become a super model rather than superstar. I am actually passionate about modeling.

Q. What do you want to do for those who are living with some other identity?
A. All I can say is people to accept yourself. How long will you hide being other? Stop living a dual life. Until and unless you are not open about your identity, about your interest no one is going to support you. No one said me to come open with my identity; rather they said to remain silent. But it was my interest; I chose to speak up for myself. If people are coming making me an inspiration its better. Until and unless you are not determine to come open, nothing will change for you. Learn to accept and respect yourself, then only other will understand.

Q. What makes you happy?
A. Shopping (smiles) and photo shoot.

Q. Life is beautiful because
A. Its unpredictable. Life is a mixture of happiness and sadness. But if even in your gloomy days you can be happy then life indeed is very beautiful.

Q. How often do you watch Nepali cinema?
A. I am not much of moviegoer. But when people recommend me I make sure to watch them.

Q. How was this documentary offered to you?
A. The director came to our place for the audition. All my friends narrated him our life story. And luckily my story was selected and I was offered for the role.