Winning over cancer Manisha to turn 0 figure

Winning over cancer Manisha to turn 0 figure

द सिनेमा टाइम्स

After her victory over ovary Cancer Manisha is now living a very happy life. “Dharma” actress is now exercising to make herself come in 0 figure.

The Indian Express has written Manisha trying to make herself in 0 figure. Manisha herself has even mentioned in twitter as being fitness concern. Almost daily she tweets about her activities.

Looking after her pictures, she sees to be very fit and fine. Currently living in Chennai for Manisha bodyguard has also been arranged. For some years she plans to live in Chennai.

Spending her life by doing prayers, exercise, yoga, meditation she is deeply into bringing happiness in her life. Nowadays there seems to be a spiritual turn in Manisha’s life.


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