Auspicious moment for “Hostel Returns”

Auspicious moment for “Hostel Returns”

द सिनेमा टाइम्स

SEPTEMBER 30, 2014 I by TCT reporter




Hostel Returns

After the hit movies’ “Sayad” and “Hostel”, Sunil Rawal is going to make new movie on teenagers.
New comers will be seen in the movie and is based on engineering and hostel life.

The following stars – Susil Shrestha, Susil Sitaula, Shasi Shrestha, Swastika Khadka, Sudam Sikey, Shiva Shrestha, Abhay Baral, Roydev Shrestha, Pradip Chaudhary, Nazir Hussian, Diya Maskey, Eman Joshi and Nirmal Sharma has been decided to  cast in the movie. The movie will be directed by Suraj Bhupal. His previous movie “Maun” had gained good response.

Actress Swastika Khadka feels honoured to be the part of the movie and to work with such a creative and established director and the movie banner.  Susil and Nazir too expressed their feelings and excitements for the movie.

The Shadows“, a famous rock band’s singer Swpnil Sharma says that the audience can find a new and extra ordinary taste of rock and folk music in the movie. The senior artist Keshav Bhattarai, director Suraj Subba and the chairman of the Film Journalist Association Shanti Priya congratulates and wishes good luck for the movie.

Shooting will be started from Ashwin 21st. Butwal is selected for the location where the movie will be packed up in 20 days.