Why to watch JERRYY? I Team Jerryy with TheCinemaTimes

Why to watch JERRYY? I Team Jerryy with TheCinemaTimes

द सिनेमा टाइम्स

October 28th, 2014 I By TCT reporter

When we talk about ‘Jerry’ (a sweet food), we may feel chocolaty or we may even remember 1940s famous cartoon “Tom and Jerry”. Or whenever we come across the word ‘Jerry’, we may also remember the hippies from Thamel area.

The movie, which is set to release on 28th of Kartik, is a mixture of all these three components. But in order to know which one component the movie is about, you need to wait for the release date where cinema ‘Hostel’ directed director Hemraj Bc will be back with ‘JERRYY

Team Jerryy

Bc will be back with “Hostel’s” protagonist Anmol Kc. This movie is also a teenage drama. Anna Sharma, Amalia Sharma, Abhishekman Sherchan and Yesh Jabra are the new actors featured in the movie. The whole ‘JERYY’ team on Tuesday at Miki Café Baluwatar seemed to be excited with captain Bc’s product.

‘We are uncertain if the film will do good, but I have tried to give the best to the audiences’, says Bc. He adds, ‘story, presentation and my actors are the powerful part of JERRYY. Due to these three things I am confident about my film to perform better.’ ‘Hostel’ has made him easier to cast new actors.

Anmol kc, Anna Sharma and Amelia Sharma (Jerryy)

Why do we need to watch ‘Jerryy’? The guy with curly hair answered the first question saying, ‘this is a love story having entertainment. We won’t demoralize our audiences.’

Actor Bhuwan Kc’s son Anmol plays the lead role. The teenage star shares screen with debut actress Anna Sharma. ‘I have got lots of expectation as well as challenges’ Anmol having his omelet breakfast adds, ‘my character is also same as Tom and Jerry. My looks and my age is similar to the character.’

As the release countdown starts, debut actress Anna is not only nervous but also her level of encouragement has reached very high. ‘Expressing our character is acting’ Anna shares her shooting experiences and her character, ‘Anmol also taught me a lot about acting. It was really fun. I play being a very simple girl and a girl having passion towards photography.’

Anna Sharma and Amelia Sharma
photos: Sunny Pradhan

Amelia is Anna’s small sister off-screen. They play being good friends on-screen. She felt vey excited about her on set experiences. Both Anna and Amelia are the daughter of Miss Nepal choreographer Rachana Gurung Sharma. Both the girls will continue their acting and studies.

Abhishekman Sherchan is the co-actor. He plays the character of a rich father’s scathe son.

Producer Monaj Sherchan sounded different then other producers. He mentions that the box office result cannot be comparable with Jerryy. He is more into promoting the nature and beauty of Mustang rather than earning money from the movie.

The film which was shot at Mustang’s Lete, Jomsom, Muktinath has been co-produced by Samratprasad Gauchan. The movie where Naren Limbu and Hercules Basnet have given their music is famous due to its trailer.