Babu Bogati releases RESPECT

Babu Bogati releases RESPECT

द सिनेमा टाइम्स

By Sunny Pradhan for The Cinema Times on Monday

Babu Bogati is not only a good actor but also a good singer. His recent cinema “HUMJAYEGA” is releasing on 5th of Mangsir. He has released his 5th album RESPECT.

Title track has been written by Basudev Munal whereas music has been composed by Bogati himself. Song Song “Sali oh sali‘s” music video will also be releasing today itself. Babu launched his album inviting aproximate dozen journalists.

Babu Bogati's 5th album cover

Babu said, “This album is a gift to all my dear audiences. As I am active in acting, I will also give my continuity in singing.”

Bogati acted movie Humjayega’s promotion has already started. He is active in both singing and acting. The album containing lok-pop flavored songs has believed to win the hearts of all the listeners.