Eatables sold inside cinema halls are unhygienic

Eatables sold inside cinema halls are unhygienic

द सिनेमा टाइम्स

By Aakankshya Bista for The Cinema Times on Wednesday

Food items sold inside cinema halls are not only expensive but also unhygienic. The result was found after the investigation carried by Ministry of Commerce and Supply.

The investigation was carried out after the complaint for so was registered in the department. Team investigated in Kamalpokhari’s Quest Entertainment, Central cinemas of civil mall and Cine De Chef of CTC mall. Investigation found out items without label, expired items being sold at twice its original price.

“In all three cinema halls, items without the label being sold was found” investigation director Mr. Pursotam Subedi said, “We have given strict direction not to sell such items”.

During investigation, bakery items were seen being placed where raw meats are usually kept. “We found out raw meat and bakery item stored in same place” investigator said, “There is a huge chance of being infected by consuming such items”.

He said the popcorns being sold at Cine De Chef were found unhygienic and has been sent for further investigation. “Actions will be taken as per the result” he further added. According to the department, in Quest entertainment lays was sold at rs.100, which actually cost rs.40. The investigators have seized two packets of expired milk.

From central cinemas, 17 muffins, 13 cheese croissants, 3 plain donuts, 16 chocolate croissants has been destroyed. Likewise, 7 ml coke of rs.65 was found being sold 120. Foods from outside are totally restricted to take inside the hall.