“Alvida” releasing together with other three movies

“Alvida” releasing together with other three movies

द सिनेमा टाइम्स

By Nisha Kiran Rai for The Cinema Times on Thursday

On a cold freezing day of Poush 25th, there will be big competition on the Nepali cinema. Two teenage movies “Aavash” and “ Lovesab” and Rekha Thapa’s movie “Tathasthu” will also be releasing the same day.

Aryan Sigdel starred movie “Alvida” has decided to release the movie on same date. In the press meet organized at Cine de Chef, the movie’s release date, trailer and song were shown. Movie producer as well as actor Hasanraja Khan and actress Anita Acharya are casted along with Aryan in the movie. The movie is a mixture of action and love story.

Music composer Tara Prakash limbu sang one of the song from the movie. Aryan who mostly used to play as a lover boy is being portrayed as an action hero in this movie. The movie has also tried to show the love relationship between Hindu and Muslim.

Director Rijal and Bishal Sapkota has jointly written the script. Producer Khan is hopeful with the cinematography by Rameshwor Karki.

Alvida poster