Off screen actor puts forward a helping hand

Off screen actor puts forward a helping hand

द सिनेमा टाइम्स

By Aakankshya Bista for The Cinema Times on Friday

In us people working behind the screen are not taken as hero. They have a struggle in leaving just below the dimness of light. But, almost 100s of such people working as actor behind the screen are leading Nepali film cinema towards its prosperity.

Among them one is Krishna Ghimire, who has tasted his experiences in more than dozens of films. Starting his journey from a famous movie of one period “Pijada”, now he has established himself as a successful business person. Living in Australia now he is seen forward in film production, exhibition and distribution.

When coming to Kathmandu to celebrate festivals, he met us in Putalishadak’s one café and he opened up on his new project. The writer of blockbuster movie Kohinoor “Yam Thapa” is after Ghimire for writing a story based on the struggle of his life.

Within this week, Krishna helping hand foundation– a foundation established by him has announced to help Chetana Sandesh organization’s 26 children with food and also to take whole responsibility of education and nourishment of 3 year old girl Jeshika Moktan till her SLC. This center is located in Sarlahi’s Durkoli.


Krishna puts forward a helping hand

Also, at Hariwon, poor and recessive children will be provided with reading materials. “…..The soul peace I get from the social works makes me more into it” says Ghimire “in future as well I aim to take social work and cinema together towards progress.”

Living in Australia from 8 years Ghimire is also strongly into writing as like in cinema and social work. He is busy in writing biography of his own life. Acting as off-screen actor in Dhansampati, Upahar, Sabhadan, krod and other dozens of Nepali movies Ghimire plans to implement new project in coming Baisakh.

Also worked in television serial “Agnikunda”, Ghimire says he will be making his life in cinema. “I have spent my life in cinema so I want to do something in this area”, he says “heart is more important than money, and this heart has directed me to work”.