Anmol’s crazy fans cuts their wrist (video interview)

Anmol’s crazy fans cuts their wrist (video interview)

द सिनेमा टाइम्स

November 14th, 2014 I By THECINEMATIMES

Nepali cinema ‘JERRYY‘ is releasing all over Nepal from today. In an interview with, the lead character Anmol Kc, director Hemraj Bc and actor Abhishek Man Sherchan spoke about the movie and their feelings a day before their movie release.

The fan followings of the teenage star Anmol Kc is increasing day by day. Some of the fans have even cut their wrist just to write Anmol’s name. He also appeals all his fans not to do so.

Hemraj Bc directed cinema also features Anna Sharma, Abhishek Man Sherchan, Amalia Sharma and Rachana Gurung Sharma.

Watch the video interview with THECINEMATIMES and check what Anmol Kc, Abhishek Man Sherchan and Hemraj Bc has to say about ‘JERRYY‘.

Video interview: