JHOLA: to be re-released all Nepal

JHOLA: to be re-released all Nepal

द सिनेमा टाइम्स

Sunny Pradhan  @sunnymovies

Nepali cinema ‘Jhola‘ will be re-released all Nepal again. Producer Raj Timalsina and director Yadav Bhattarai confirmed about ‘Jhola’ to be re-released most probably on the third week of April 2015. The more demand of the film is the main reason for the re-release states director Bhattarai.

The film will start its publicity all over again as they had done at the beginning. The director is hopeful for the film to be loved by all the audiences again. Garima Pant featured cinema will also be shown at the ‘Salinadi‘ festival for a month. ‘Jhola’ is the first film in Nepal to be released again. The cinema had gained more popularity with the strong word of mouth.

‘Jhola’ is about a Hindu culture where a women have to kill herself through self-immolation upon her husband’s death. Previously, Nepal picked ‘Jhola’ for foreign language Oscar race. It is the sixth film to enter the oscar race by isolated Himalayan nation.