Sushil gets topless for ‘Hostel Returns’ promotion (photo/video)

Sushil gets topless for ‘Hostel Returns’ promotion (photo/video)

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Nepali cinema ‘Hostel Returns‘ has already started their publicity. The cinema who still has three months to get released was seen today among hundreds of students at Caspain Valley College’s welcome party for their movie promotions.

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The two audio songs from the movie were played at the program for the first time followed by live trailer performance. The performance won the hearts of everyone present there. ‘Hostel Returns’ also released their poster at the event. Sushil Shrestha, Sashi Shrestha, Ayay Baral, Najir Hussain presented the live trailer performance.

‘This is the first stage of our promotion. We will be present at different colleges from now on’, said producer cum actor Sunil Rawal. He also added, ‘you will be fully entertained along with message from the movie’. Actor Sushil Shrestha was seen topless at the performance where the teenage girls could not stop themselves from screaming.

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Producer Durgish Rawal feels happy to promote the cinema among the teenagers. The cinema is all set to hit screens from 8th of May.

Suraj Bhushal directed cinema ‘Hostel Returns‘ is the sequel of hit cinema ‘Hostel‘. The cinema roams around the wish and desire of a son who wants to study engineering.

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