Will censor pass the bold scenes from ‘Zhigrana’?

Will censor pass the bold scenes from ‘Zhigrana’?

द सिनेमा टाइम्स

The Cinema Times

Nepali cinema ‘Zhigrana‘ which is all set to hit screens from 6th of March 2015 contains bold scenes given by Nikun Shrestha and Menuka Pradhan. Some kissing and bed scenes can also be seen in the promo.

Will censor board pass those scenes from the movie? Will audiences be able to watch those bed and kissing scenes in big screen or will it just be on the promo? This questions has now been the topic of town. However, the production team believes those scenes will get passed from the censor board.

Pasang Lama directed cinema features Hanna Geschewski, Nikun Shrestha, Menuka Pradhan, Jyoti Karki, Shanti Giri, Deewakar Piya, Bina Pandey and Arun Regmi.

The suspense thriller cinema is about an NGO worker and the whole team who faces a series of mysterious events while they set out to work in rural Nepal.

Watch the trailer: