Manoj Pandit’s ‘CHHAYAN’ first look release

Manoj Pandit’s ‘CHHAYAN’ first look release

द सिनेमा टाइम्स

The Cinema Times,

Director Manoj Pandit is back with his new cinema titled ‘Chhayan‘. The cinema released their first look which is about the voice of children.

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Manoj Pandit who has already directed controversial cinemas like GREATER NEPAL, DASDHUNGA and BADHSHALA feels ‘Chhayan’ to be the most challenging film he has ever directed.

The cinema about children conscience has been presented by Intact Media and supported by Ecpat Luxembourg. The cinema which was shot in Pokhara is set to be released after four months. ‘Chhayan’ features Prabina Khadka and Saibrat Acharya in the lead.