Roj Rana’s comeback in Nepali cinema

Roj Rana’s comeback in Nepali cinema

द सिनेमा टाइम्स

The Cinema Times,

Producer Roj Rana has come back in Nepali cinema. This is his comeback after four years. He was all set for producing his cinema titled ‘Heroin‘ which was later dumped and the project was closed forever.

Four years ago, his cinema titled ‘mo chu ni timro‘ did not perform good in the Nepali box office. Therefore, he turned back from Nepali cinema.

For Rana’s new love story movie, he has signed Mahesh Khadka as the music composer for the cinema. Among the 6 films, 5 of his films had a good business earning.

The director for Roj Rana’s cinema will be finalized in some days. The new movie will be produced in partnership with an Australian NRN Milan Shrestha.