‘Gaja Baja’ Holdover for Nepali Cinema Doubter

‘Gaja Baja’ Holdover for Nepali Cinema Doubter

द सिनेमा टाइम्स

The Cinema Times, Kathmandu- Controversial cinema ‘Gaja Baja’ finally made to the releasing on silver screen from this Friday. Each pressman praised the work of ‘Gaja Baja’ after watching the Press Show on Saturday.

Utmost appreciated the presentation of cinema and the acting of artists. Seldom of them were also claiming that ‘Gaja Baja’ will be a holdover for the circle of youths who never goes to hall for Nepali cinema.

Sushil Sitaula, Anupam Sharma, Barsha Shivakoti,Uddhav Raj Bhattarai, Ambar Subedi, Rakshya Shrestha, Jiwan Bhattarai, Gopal Aryal, Kubir Subba star cast cinema ‘Gaja Baja’ is a Marijuana Hunting 1 Day story.

Tuka Entertainment & DR Films Presents the cinema under the contribution of Baba Cinema Producing Company. Goma Bista Thapa and Dipendra Regmi produced ‘Gaja Baja’ was stuck for long time to release because the Censor Board and the Film Development Board opposed for cinema name, language and the content. However, now it finally made the release and gaining the great hope in Box Office too.