Abroad living Murari Bhattarai releases ‘Anamika’

Abroad living Murari Bhattarai releases ‘Anamika’

द सिनेमा टाइम्स

The Cinema Times,

There are many Nepali people living abroad who loves Nepali music. Some of those are even into music industry. So, one of those living in abroad who is into singing is Murari Bhattarai. Bhattarai, who resides in California has recently released his new album ‘Anamika’.

‘Anamika’ includes five songs: ‘Anamika‘, ‘Naam timro‘, ‘Kahile kahi tapailai‘, ‘Malai chodi gayou timi‘ and ‘Jabasamma timlai‘. All this five songs have been composed by Bikash Chaudhary. Female singers Juna Prasai and Junu Risal has sang with Murari. The songs have been written by Chiranjibi Koirala and Chiranjibi Acharya.

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Among the five songs, ‘Kahilekahi timilai‘ titled song’s video has been planed to be shot in the States itself. Bhatarai added, ‘even though we live abroad, we never forget Nepali music and culture. My heart is always in Nepal and I will always be promoting Nepali music’.