Nepali actors addressing at Hongkong (with video)

Nepali actors addressing at Hongkong (with video)

द सिनेमा टाइम्स

By Nisha Kiran Rai for The Cinema Times on Sunday

Actor Rajesh Hamal, Aryan Sigdel and co-actress Karishma Manandhar will be heading towards Hongkong and address the people there before attending NEFTA award ceremony. They will all be participating in the ceremony.

The programme is going to held on Kartik 3rd at Hongkong where the innaguration will be done by Minister of Communication Dr. Minendra Rijal. The chairman of NRN association Mr. Sesh Ghale will also be the guest for the programme. A team of more than 85 cinema workers along with ministers and journalist are heading towards Hongkong this Saturday for attending the programme.


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