‘Humjayega’ donates 1 lakh from the States premiere

‘Humjayega’ donates 1 lakh from the States premiere

द सिनेमा टाइम्स

November 6th, 2014 I By TCT reporter


Cinema ‘Humjayega‘ has donated Rs. 1 lakh  to a social organization in Pokhara named ‘Kidas Organization‘ that was collected from a premiere show at the States.

The organization in Pokhara looks after the street children and people and also those forcefully involved in sex. Mr. Gaurab Rana received the cheque on behalf of the organization. Producer Surya Blown, directer Surendra Gurung and managing director Bhoj Gurung handed over the cheque to Gaurab Rana.

The cheque was handed at a press meet organized on Thursday. ‘Humjayega‘ was premiered at the States by Prem Gurung, Roshani Gurung, Gumprasad Gurung and Bigaye Nakarmi. The movie which will be released all over Nepal from November 21 stars Babu Bogati, Wilson Bikram Rai and Monaj Rc.