Watch what Garima Pant has to say about her movie JHOLA (with video)

Watch what Garima Pant has to say about her movie JHOLA (with video)

द सिनेमा टाइम्स

The Cinema Times,

garima-panta..Garima Pant, the actress who has already played many films did not took her to next level. But her act in the cinema JHOLA took her at the top. Her act was appreciated even from the international level.

At the SAARC film festival 2014, Garima Pant was able to grab the best actress award. She did not hesitate to give full credit to the movie. JHOLA is all set for its re-release from 24th of April. Therefore, now the movie unit has released a behind the scene video where Garima proudly appreciated the movie and thanked all the audiences for their love and support.

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JHOLA had already gained heights by its charity and premiere shows which was organized before its release. She also requests all the people to go and watch the cinema again and support the movie.

Yadav Bhattarai directed cinema is about a Hindu culture where a women have to kill herself through self-immolation upon her husband’s death. Previously, Nepal picked ‘Jhola’ for foreign language Oscar race. It is the sixth film to enter the oscar race by isolated Himalayan nation.

Watch the video:

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