Mission Paisa Reloaded gets ‘PG’ certificate (with video)

Mission Paisa Reloaded gets ‘PG’ certificate (with video)

द सिनेमा टाइम्स

The Cinema Times

The action thriller cinema ‘Mission Paisa 2: Reloaded‘ gets ‘PG’ certificate from the censor board. It now means the audiences under the age of sixteen can only watch the cinema at the presence of their parents.

Mission Paisa reloaded 2 official poster

According to the producer of the cinema Madhav Wagle, some scenes and dialogues have been censored. Wagle seemed unhappy and unsatisfied with the censor board members’ decision. Simosh Sunuwar directed cinema has been produced by Madhav Wagle and Narendra Maharjan.

Resh MarhatthaNisha Adhikari, Aamir Gautam and Harshika Shrestha featured cinema is all set to hit screens from 27th of February 2015. Actress Priyanka Karki can also been seen in the movie performing an item song.

Watch the trailer: