Bhale Fight doesn’t contain fight scenes (with video)

Bhale Fight doesn’t contain fight scenes (with video)

द सिनेमा टाइम्स

The Cinema Times,

There is a famous saying, ‘Men and women are the two wheels of a chariot‘. Every successful man has a women supporting behind him.

Cinema BHALE FIGHT also has the same theme. The story portrays about the successful man who has a supporting women besides him. But the audiences need to wait till the cinema gets released on 25th of September to know the full story. Babu Bogati and Reema Biswokarma featured cinema ‘Bhale Fight’ doesn’t contain fight scenes.

The social cinema directed by Asok Rai (Chap) has been produced by Sharmila Rai, Man Bahadur Rai, Visha Rai and Bhoj Gurung as working producer under the banner of Munal Films Pvt. Ltd.

Watch the video: