Nepali filmmakers and artists halted at Dubai for not having $1500 (with video)

Nepali filmmakers and artists halted at Dubai for not having $1500 (with video)

द सिनेमा टाइम्स

The Cinema Times,

Around 60 plus Nepali filmmakers and artists had departed to Qatar for attending an award program organized by Nepal Film Technicians Association (NEFTA). But after having their wheels down in Sharjah International Airport, Dubai, they were paused for not having a sum of $1500.

Even after more than 24 hours of suspension, the team that had flown for attending the award ceremony are still in the airport having no clue. But among them, 22 filmmakers and artists were permitted to go to Qatar after fulfilling necessary requirements. Those of them who were permitted to fly includes director Dinesh Raut, producer Subash Giri, actress Keki Adhikari, Ashma D.C., Richa Sharma, N.F.D.C. chairperson Nikita Paudel and some others.

It should be kept in mind that, anyone traveling to foreign countries needs to carry certain amount of money according to the terms and conditions of the destination country. The award ceremony at Qatar is all set to be held tomorrow where some of the artists who are supposed to perform at the award function are still stuck at Dubai airport.

It has also been come to notice that this problem was created after NEFTA’s member Shankar Pandey and journalist Sandip Sapkota had discussions in their loud voices with the immigration officers. After the negative discussions, the officers from Air Arabia had started inappropriate behavior with the Nepali team.

Those artists that were stuck in the airport also missed their flight to Qatar. A video has been leaked from the airport which shows senior actor Madan Krishna Shrestha waiting in line to show $1500 to the staffs of Air Arabia.