10 surprising life stories of Shah Rukh Khan you must know!

10 surprising life stories of Shah Rukh Khan you must know!

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The king khan of Bollywood, the superstar Shah Rukh Khan who struggled a lot for being one of the most popular and successful actor, must have an amazing and inspiring life story. From his first day to being the biggest man in Bollywood, here are some of his less known facts that you must know.

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Shah Rukh Khan’s first salary: The king khan’s first salary was just Rs. 50. He earned it by selling tickets at the movie theaters.

SRK worked at restaurant: He helped his dad at a restaurant to support their living. SRK was born in a middle class family.

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SRK was not interested in acting: The superstar was never interested in acting. His first debuted from 1989 series Fauji which was a television series. Later his acting was compared with Dilip Kumar. He thought his acting was not good but now, see the results!

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SRK joined acting again: In 1991 he planned to start acting again just to remove the pain of his mother’s death. That time he was offered with four films and he signed them for getting into full time acting.

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Brightest student: SRK was very good in his studies as well as football and hockey. He studied at St. Columba school in Delhi. Later he was received the ‘Sword of Honour’ which is the highest award.

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His dad was his best friend: He called his dad ‘dost’. They were very close to each other. SRK shared a thought of his dad at Anupam Kher‘s show, “Beta kuch kaam karna. Aur naa mann ho to mat karna, kyunki jo kuch nahi karte woh kamaal karte hai!

SRK is afraid of: He fears riding horses. Besides riding horses, he is afraid of no one. Amazing!

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SRK received honorary doctorate: The superstar received honorary doctorate at Edinburgh University  by Princess Anne in October 2015. At the function, he said, “Remember, however many times you go wrong, however many times you fall.. in the words of Bob Marley Everything’s gonna be alright.”

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Childhood secrets: SRK was very mischievous in his childhood time. He always wanted to bunk his classes and therefore acted like he had health problems.

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At an interview, he was questioned about his thinking on actors who are always girlish. SRK replied, “If being shy, sensitive and conscious about my looks makes me girly or effeminate then I must admit that I’m like that. However, being a women is a very difficult thing to do and comparing myself to a women will mean derogating the greatness of women. They are always far more superior to men.”

The badhshah of Bollywood has received 14 Filmfare Awards out of 30 which includes 8 awards for best actor.

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